Kimaya Artistry believes in creating a pleasant environment that promotes beauty standards that are hygienic and safe. Our home-based nail salon is in a private room and it is enhanced by top of the line equipment exceeding industry standards for sanitation. Kimaya Artistry utilises state of the art sterilisation technique and infection control procedures for each appointment and practices strict sanitisation procedures. It is well-equipped with an autoclave and all our implements go through a multi-step procedure to ensure they are sterile and safe for the next client. To prevent cross-contamination, we will advise each client to use a brand new nail file at a nominal fee. Clients can choose to discard or bring home the nail file. Package holders will receive a complimentary set of personalised nail files.

Our dust-free and fume-free studio uses the most innovative ventilation system called the Valentino Beauty Pure for clients who require nail enhancement services. This system uses an efficient filtration system that is designed to trap nail dust and absorb acrylic odours.

Kimaya Artistry carries the latest and widest array of premium and quality products which are mostly organic and non-toxic. We do not only take care of the appearance of your nails but we are also committed to your health and overall condition of your nails.


Kimaya Artistry prides itself in ‘cleanliness’ – a clean environment, clean work station, clean employee and clean business practices. We believe in maintaining healthy and clean relationships with our clients by practicing price transparency and a fair pricing strategy.

Our prices are not only affordable but we make sure you are not charged extra unknowingly. Before we undertake any service, clients will be well-informed about the anticipated fee. Likewise, if there are any changes such as an additional nail accessory or designing a more intricate nail art rather than a simple one during the service, our nail technician will discuss the exact price with our clients prior to the service. In this way, clients will know what they are charged for. We promise no hidden extras or ‘nasty surprises’.


It is our mission to provide a touch of luxury to make you feel confident, wonderful and beautiful. We carry a wide array of gel colours from leading brands and we offer the latest, inventive and meticulous nail art designs.

Our nails are mini canvasses – from simple lines to intricate designs or inspirations from fashion and pop culture, the possibilities for nail art designs are endless. Our nail technician is certified, dedicated and will meticulously focus on every detail of your nail. We are able to replicate nail art designs and customise nail art services to achieve your desired result. It’s all about you! Express yourself through nail art!


Kimaya Artistry welcomes anyone to join our loyalty program. We are grateful to have wonderful customers like you! In response to your loyalty towards our company, we have designed a loyalty program that offers exclusive rewards and birthday treats. Click here to view our loyalty perks.


We understand that maintaining a grooming routine can get pricey. Here at Kimaya Artistry, we offer divine and safe manicure services at an affordable price. We do not charge surcharges for our services during public holidays.

In addition, we have specially designed a Divine Package that allows you to save money and is recommended for clients who patronise Kimaya Artistry regularly. We do not hard-sell our services and you are under no obligation to purchase the package.

We occasionally hold promotions and offer coupons to give back to our valued customers. Visit our website and social media platform regularly to take advantage of these current special offers to enjoy greater savings.


Kimaya Artistry believes in creating long term relationships with our clients, as well as going above and beyond for your satisfaction.

From start to finish, Kimaya Artistry performs manicure professionally. We love our nails to look gorgeously manicured and polished to perfection and we also make sure that they stay shinny and last longer.

Depending on your daily lifestyle activities and how you treat your nail, gel manicures typically lasts 2-8 weeks. We will provide you with useful information in maintaining nail health and we offer after-care services.

Kimaya Artistry guarantees free repairs if your gel manicure gets chipped or lifts within 3 days of your last appointment. It also covers incidences where your nail extension lifts and the loosening of any nail accessory.

The following lists down some essential do’s and don’ts to maximise manicures and minimise chips:

Do: Wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes or if you are in contact with detergents and cleansers. We recommend washing your hands with gentle cleaners and moisturise your hands to lock in the hydration regularly.
Don’t: Soak your hands in soapy water or swim in chlorine water for long periods as this will not only lead to dryness, splitting and peeling, but it will cause your gel polish to chip or lift easily.

Do: Use the appropriate tool(s) to help you complete tasks.
Don’t: Use your nails as tools to open items such as cans as this will cause the nail to chip or lead to breakage.

Do: Make an appointment with your nail salon to get your gel polish removed professionally if you decide to remove or change your gel polish colour.
Don’t: Peel or pick off your gel polish even if you have the urge to do so as this will thin the nail plate, leaving them with weak and brittle nails.