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Glue Cleaning Tool
Glue Cleaning Tool

Glue Cleaning Tool

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This tool is so useful!

If you have used or plan to use liquid nail glue on your press-ons, remember to add this to your cart! After removing your press-on nails, there will be glue built up on the reverse side of the press on and this cleaning tool will do a great job in removing the glue residues!

Whats more amazing? It's so efficient that you can do it by yourself!

This tool can also be used to gently push back your cuticles to prep your nails before application.

How to use?
The tip of this tool is made out of pumice stone and has a plastic handle.
Hold and turn over your press-on to the reverse side. Use your glue cleaning tool to lightly buff away any glue build up from the back of your press-on nails and make them reusable! 

Note: After cleaning, there will be scratch lines on the reverse side caused by the pumice stone. Recommended to use only on opaque colours and it will not affect the quality of your press-ons if buffed lightly.