By Appointment Only

Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
You are required to view our booking policy prior to making an appointment.

Text Booking

To book an appointment via SMS or WhatsApp, please send us the following details to 9776 9946.

  1. Name :
  2. Preferred Date :
  3. Preferred Time :
  4. Removal : Yes (Gel Polish / Extensions) or No
  5. Nail Services :
  6. Nail Art : *Yes (Simple / Complicated) or No
  7. Promotion : *Yes or No

* If you have requested for “Nail Art”, kindly attach sample image/s that you would like us to do for you.

Online Booking

Fill in the form below to book for an appointment. We will contact you to confirm your appointment as soon as your request is received.

If you are facing troubles booking online, kindly give us a call directly.